Break out and hopped away.
Kanguru did a break out from farm  and hopped away to the Queller playing fields.Then wanted to go home.
From Alexandra Buck
Die Unschuld vom Lande | FOTO: ANDREAS ZOBE

Bielefeld -Quelle. In the early hours yesterday in the Quelle Outbacks :The handy from Lena tinkles .its her girlfrend Annelie ,Hallo Lene guess what thers a kanguru sitting on the playing fields in Quelle ". Lene thinks its a joke."Annelie ,no realy its sitting there and eating a Appel.Im not going near him because i here that they box.

It was around 7 oclock in tje morning when Annelie left her frends house to go home,as she rode past the Quelle playing fields she saw a brown animal in the bushes,"It was quite dark ,i could hardley see it ,She thought it was a dog at first?Then a large rabbit?Annelene went a bit closer and to her surprise the animal moved and she could not belive her eyes,Then she phoned her girlfriend. The Wallaby Kanguru had in the mean time eaten the appel then went for a hop around the playingfield on the Kupferheide .Its not every day you get a chance to get out.Farmer Rolf Meyer zu Bentrup has hidden the little hop course run wantonly. "I had dinner forgot to close the door," he says, and there are contrite. "That should not have happened." Four of his wallabies use the carelessness of their owner for a trip. Three remain in Hofnähe a trippers hops and a half kilometers to the playground.

There has gathered around 8 clock is already a huge crowd. "All have watched and marveled. When ever you see a kangaroo without a fence around it?" Says Annelie Jaene Scout.

Even the police have since cropped up, but can not do much. They must not. The Wallaby male stays like sitting at desks until Rolf Meyer appears to Bentrup. He has brought helpers and a fence line, he simply put the animal around the earth. And another protest before the little guy can be, the farmer raises the animal, the kangaroo's tail grabs and brings it into a van. "You could see that he was afraid, he has clung everywhere," Lena has etiquette observed."

It often happens that once escaped from an animal," says Rolf Meyer zu Bentrup. "But has traveled as far away as yet none. I'm glad that nothing happened to him." The trip in the middle of rush hour, could have gone for the Wallabies in the pants.

Ten years ago, Meyer fell to Bentrup in the wallabies. That was in Holland. There he was informed about new varieties of flowers and learned that the Dutch people are very fond of animals. "Almost every garden crawls or flies because any thing Animal."As a rule, the usual: rabbits, ponies, goats. One of the gardens Meyer discovered to Bentrup driving past the Wallabies and they immediately want to take home.

The gardener is his glory animals but not her. Meyer researched to Bentrup is in Rostock Zoo find and buy some animals. Meanwhile, a small herd of sweet Australians living on his farm. Some of the animals could be touched even, Meyer says to Bentrup. How exotic the Wallabies anmuteten also so easy they are to keep.Neither extreme heat nor cold can harm the Australians, they were finally exposed in their home high temperature fluctuations.

On top of that, the animals were very friendly, even to members of other species. Only if the Wallaby girls are ready for reproduction, the boys wrangle sometimes. Every year on the farm kangaroo offspring is born. This is for Meyer zu Bentrup the best time.When the little ones can be chauffeured in Mama bag and slowly explore their enclosure.