Bielefeld becomes the First Bathing sea?
In Quelle maybe they start to dig up sand soon for the A 33.

Auf diesem Acker der Familie Meyer zu Bentrup südlich der B68 in Quelle könnte Bielefelds erster Freizeitsee entstehen. Knapp eine Million Kubikmeter Sand, der für den Weiterbau der A33 verwendet würde, müsste dafür abgetragen werden. Foto: Kerstin Sewöster


Friday, 11. November 2011
- 05:58 Uhr

Von Matthias Band

Bielefeld-source (WB). In the planning for the lake has been discussed for years in source movement comes. Of 29 November on lies from the zoning approval for Sandabgrabung south of B68 in Brackweder county. If no lawsuits filed, the decision would be final in January. Up to a million cubic meters of sand could be removed on the grounds of the courtyard Meyer zu Bentrup.

When and if Bielefeld's first lake but ever arises, is still unclear. Because the project are two unknowns in the way: First, the Agency of Roads NRW holds with the entry of a date for the A-33-continued construction in Section 6 covers between Ummeln and Steinhagen. Still further funding for this section is not cleared by the federal government.

The state government expects claims to be so, for the financial year 2012, the funding needed for the A-33-continued construction will be made available so that the construction of the actual path - the bridge work has already begun - could be taken in 2013 attack. Even the Environment Agency believes that the work of noise barriers and bridge backfill between Ummeln and Steinhagen are advertised 2013/14.

Second, the well-eight hectares and seven meters deep Quellesee arises only when the company Johann Bunte of Papenburg awarded the contract for the A-33-line construction. Other candidates who have secured Abgrabungsflächen in Bielefeld south, are the company Knoll of Haren Ems, which is already successfully in conjunction with the Company Concrete Contractor GmbH and Gröschler for the A-33-line construction in Section 5 between Sennestadt Brackwede has advertised, and the SR + Developers Ltd. from Bielefeld. While the Bunte has secured two areas in Windelsbleiche and Eckardtsheim as another possible Abgrabungsflächen, but for section 6 because of the distance should no longer be used, the SR + Developers Ltd. The Abgrabungsrechte for areas near the two Senner farms Flöthmann and Osthus receive. The Knoll, however, has in one excavation in Ummeln near Steinhagen Road visor. "The application is available for it, but needs to be improved again," said Dr. Manfred Dumber, head of ground water by the Environment Department.

While the city has in all the other five Abgrabungsflächen only approved landscape lakes could result in source a recreational lake that would add value to the neighboring camp of the Meyer family to Bentrup enormous. "The lake would be perfect for us and the campsite. The project is probably "for Bielefeld's last chance to get a lake, camping CEO Rolf Meyer tells Bentrup. Whether the family then on the remaining agricultural land on the B68 still grow strawberries and asparagus and market is, one could not say yet. Rolf Meyer zu Bentrup: "That you have to see it."

The anticipation for the recreational swimmers in the region should still be limited. For, according to current plans should only permanent residents and visitors to use the Meyer camp Bentrupschen the lake. Background of this limitation is that the lake is not to become a competitor for the Brackweder natural bath.

A problem for the residents of Fortuna Street, meanwhile, could develop the site traffic.The arable land between the greenhouses and the Meyer family to Bentrup the Osnabrück road would long two years for the construction site. Up to 200 arrivals and departures daily would be needed in order to transport the required floor of trucks over the Fortuna Road and the B68. A solution could be the Meyerweg that has already been marketed as exit this week.

According to the Brackweder district office manager Hans-Georg Hellermann is already in January 2012 as part of the lecture series samphire community planned an information event Quellesee. Also on the possible Abgrabungsfläche in Ummeln citizens are about to be informed. And even if the company at A Colorful-33-continued construction goes empty, there is still hope for fans lake: Even for the planned extension of the East Westphalia sand dam is needed - at least 450,000 cubic meters.For the construction of this road is the company could apply.