2013 VW Bully meeting 2013 VW Bully meeting

From one idea ,To orgenise a small  event  for every one and in the evening around a lager fire,cosey and with refreshments , is in the mean time grown to a big event.On the camping park the campers have a hobby together (Bulli) Van driving, "Live and Love" and got together and started up a club "The Teutonen Bulliclub" Was brought into life . And over the years many new Frendships have grown  And it makes Me Happy once again in May to see some of the Known faces  again ,From the early years ,The Teutonen Head for the target that the event keeps a famially Character ,and every year it stands under a different moto ,That means every year is always a surprise What do they have up there sleeves this year i dont know,Also for Me.

Youngs your doing a good job.

More infomation over the activities , target, membership, .. of the Teutonen you find on the side www.die-teutonen.de. Also you can see pictures of the past  meetings.

This year is the 6th meeting on the 03.-05.05.2013.