Rent a caravan Rent a caravan

Camping friends,who prefer a quick approach to camping and dont have there own caravan can rent one from us. Also to rent are Campers.


In all Vehicles are coffe machines,kfs,plates,and pots and pans,Bed clothes are available at the rent of 5,-€ a per person,; The caravans are parked in nehr to the waschrooms so you dont have to use the toilets in the caravans,There are also no Tv or conections.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are not allowed in the caravans because of Hygienic reasons.



The cleaning kit is in the caravan you must clean yourself,if rented under 3 days a cost of 10,-€ will be charged, At the end of the renting time We clean the caravan,if you need a hover please call at the office.


Within 10 days of your Reservation a payment of 100,-€ must be payed ,When the payment has succeeded ,We can accept your Booking, Please give with your Transfer your Name ,Type of Wagen, and the time and dates Required. Payments under 100,-€ and short bookings  please on to the bank number showed below The Deutsche Bank 24.Rücktritt:


A Resignation from your Reservation is up to 4 weeks Before arrivel Free, After 4 weeks only then possible when the wagen can be rented out to someone else, If this is not possible a charge of 50,-% The price Arranged will be charged.

Rental time

To Rent a caravan or Camper under 2 days is not possible, But if you need one just for one night a cost 10,-€ extra will be charged.The rented caravan or camper can be taken over at15:00 hours and has to be given up at 10:00 oclock in the morning.

To reserve a caravan

Please ask Under the tel nr (0049/(0)5214592233). When the wagen is free. this can change daily .To reserve the caravan or Camper you can do so by using the formes.