Permanent Sites Permanent Sites

The permanent sites vary in size between 100 sqm and 250 sqm. Each place has its own power, water and sewer connection. The current system is protected by 16A andis billed as the water also has its own counter.

Mobile homes as well as log cabins are not permitted in our fire safety reasons. To enhance your overall impression of the camping parks are dispensed in 2012 on the division of its own plot on wooden fences. This should instead be planted from now onthe borders. An aging of the space available on the caravans must avoid caravan of new guests to be not older than 24 years old. In need of a place task caravans that areolder than 29 years, left the facility and are clear away from the owner and may not beresold to another customer.

Tourist sites Tourist sites

The surface of our camping park is lighter sand and for this case we have no problems with to many water in the groundthus there in damp weather. The current system is protected by 16A and supply stations are always in close proximity of the plots.

The tourist sites on the North Course are parceled out by conifers and beech treeplanting. On the south course we have deliberately omitted this subdivision for gueststo spare in transit unnecessary maneuvering.

Parking Area Parking Area

Our parking lot is for campers who are looking for a parking space for your caravan.The plot is located at our campsite and is fenced. The surface is gravel.