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Discover the Domestic animals and plants in the Botanical gardens and the zoo in Olderdissen..

I n the year 2012 celebrated the Botanical gardens there 100 years of existense its a place for anybody to visit, its the way the plants are set out and all the different sorts,

In the year 2003 the Japan garden in the town Gadderbaum was opened.The garden is Stylistic from the early Edo-time( 1603-1868)  to Associate -the of the hard Zengarden. 

The Zoo in olderdissen  is a nice place to visit with the famialy and children ,also for school classes Many children get to see there first wild animal close up and in full colour ,There over 450 animals and 90 different sorts running around Some animals you find in the pure nature outhers in a Enclosure ,

One of the places you must visit is the Hollywood Safari park ,very well known for the white Lions and tigers, it is best to take the whole day ,the park is in stuckenbruck only 45 mins away. 45 min.