Sightseeing in Bielefeld Sightseeing in Bielefeld

Campingpark Bielefeld Sehenswürdigkeiten

 Bielefelds Landmark the Castle

Its worth a trip to the Castle any time of the year ,From the old walls you a very good site seeing view over the city,the Forrests where the best trails are You can get to and use the trails any time in the year, From April till October ,the castle offers Interresting tours down in the dungens where it has a history going back over 750 years ,If you wont to know anything about the town please ask in the town information.

Campingpark Bielefeld Sehenswürdigkeiten

Old Market

In the middel of Bielefeld Oldtown you find a old Market place  with Impressive Historical Facades and Gables.

 Worth seeing are the old Patrizer hauses,the Cruwell hause with its Late Gothic Gables,(1530)In the staircase you will find 7.000D delfer tiles from the years 16-18 year hundred,The old market place is the meeting place for many Events. .


Linen weber

 Next to the Church in the old town church park you find the Linne weber-Monument from the year 1909.The Bronz figure made from the sculptor Hans Perathoner, Economically Importance to the Linen Industry Development.

Modell stand the early Jollenbecker linen weber Heinrich Heienbrok.With his Pipe ,Knotted stick,and holster,Is the linen weber the symbel the ravensburg Commercial diligence and next to the castle anouther Landmark Bielefelds .His 100 year Anniversary was committed in the middel of july 2009.



 With its recognized Excellent Acoustics and Unique Building,Applies the 1930 initiate Rudolf-Oetker-Hall as one of the most Beautiful Concert halls in Europa also the best place for high class music events.

 Next to many sorts of music and Culture events every year takes place a " Dance Festerval ".Also next to the hall is a loveley park and well loved in the sommer.

Ravensberger Spinnerei

Ravensberger Spinning

 In the year 1855 till 1857 as massive Factorys wer being built ,The Ravensberg spinning factory in 19.and the early 20. year hundred was one of the largest Flax spinning factorys Europa.

 Today the whole area around the spinning factory is the Ravensburg park, a well loved Culture and Event center,With two museums ,cinema,school,and the old building the Hechelei.