Treking-Walking Treking-Walking

Relax and enjoy your self in the teutoburger Forrest

The camping park Bielefeld lays on the south side of the Teutoburger forrest ,Its the best place to start your walks In just 1.5 km You can on top of the Forrest ,That means you are walking on the well known trails called the Hermanns Trail,One of the best trails known trails in Germany ,The Hermans Trail goes  both ways through the forrest and there are littel cafes along the way

From the camping park you can walk to the Zoo or the Botanicalgardens,The trail also takes you through the forrest ,It takes between 1 -  1,30 hours to get there, You can also go by car and in both Zoo or Garden you dont pay entrance fees ,At the Zoo there is a very good  Restaurant The Meier farm Olderdissen ,There is also a large childrens playing area ,Try to Discover the domestic animalls and flowers .

In the office we have information for you and trail cardsI

In the town there are Environment tours these are for walkers and bicycle tours ,Info on the left

Environment tour  1 - Quelle & Ummeln

Environment tour 2 - Schildesche

Environment tour 3 - Innenstadt

Environment tour  4 - Klimaschutz - Route